Data Model


  • data.h
    This file contains the high-level, macro interface for the FleCSI data model. This interface is documented in the Doxygen documentation. FIXME: Need link

  • client.h
    This file contains the C++ data model interface client_interface_t for FleCSI topology data structures, which are also referred to as data clients in this context. The client_interface_t type is a specialization of the client_interface type on the backend runtime policy that is selected at compile time.

  • field.h
    This file contains the C++ data model interface field_interface_t for FleCSI field data structures. The field_interface_t type is a specialization of the field_interface type on the backend runtimne policy that is selected at compile time.


  • client_handle.h
    This file defines the type identifier type client_handle_base_t, and the basic client handle type client_handle, which is parameterized on the data client type. These types provide the basic structure for implementing handles to the various FleCSI data client types.

    A handle is a cross-address-space-safe reference type (like a pointer) that can be passed into a FleCSI task to allow access to a data client. Data clients are types that expose one or more index spaces that can have fields registered against them. Some examples are mesh_topology, and tree_topology.

  • client_handler.h
    This file defines the base em client_handler type that is customized for each specific data client type using partial specialization.

  • client_registration_wrapper.h
    This file contains specializations of the client_registration_wrapper type for the various FleCSI topology types. In general, the registration wrapper provides a mechanism for data clients to register meta data with the runtime.

  • client_registration_wrapper.h
    This file contains the base em data em client type identifier data_client_t. All data client types should inherit from this type.

  • field_registration_wrapper.h
    This file contains the field_registration_wrapper type. This type is currently used for all field registrations regardless of runtime or client type.

  • field_registration_wrapper.h
    This file defines the base storage_class type that can be specialized by specific storage class, and by data client type. This file also defines the storage classes for the internal global and color client types.

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